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Dia do Consumidor 2021 | Consumer Day 2021
Dia do Consumidor 2021 | Consumer Day 2021

2021 Consumer Day Insights in Brazil

Published on 03/04/2021 - Updated on 03/05/2021

Every year, Consumer Day in Brazil, which takes place on March 15th, gains more strength – and offers can extend for an entire week. Last year, Brazilian ecommerce revenue in the first two weeks of March reached BRL 3.62 billion, according to a report carried out by Social Miner.

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Further, the study also shows that 32% of Brazilians intend to buy in this year’s edition. Of course, ecommerce plays an important role in consumer behavior and purchase intent – especially in light of the habits driven by the Covid-19 pandemic.


2021 Consumer Day purchase intent

According to the report, when researching for offers, 41% prefer to search on websites and another 41% in apps. Further, 30% research for offers in price comparators, followed by physical stores (34%), ecommerce stores (30%), and store Instagram profiles (19%).

The report also shows that purchasing through websites is the most comfortable option for 56% of consumers. Another 53% revealed they prefer receiving their products at home. Shopping through apps is also one of the preferred alternatives for 39%, with 31% being 50 years old or above.


How to provide the best shopping experience

To guarantee the best online shopping experience, we have provided a few tips to boost your ecommerce store’s sales in this year’s Consumer Day edition. Check them out!

Accelerate the delivery

According to the study, 36% of consumers are disengaged by a bad delivery due date. This is why, in addition to logistic efforts and a wide offering of shipping options, providing payment methods with quick confirmation is an important strategy to accelerate the delivery.

When the confirmation occurs within minutes, the product can be immediately released for delivery. Pix, credit cards, and local alternative payment methods with accelerated confirmation such as Boleto Flash® and PEC Flash® are options that enhance the shopping experience and enable a faster delivery process.

Offer a wide set of local payment methods

The study also shows that 28% of Brazilian consumers give up on a purchase because of few payment options. This is why offering a wide set of payment methods can help reach more customers, and, thus, increase your online store’s sales.

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Optimize for mobile

According to the 41st edition of Ebit|Nielsen’s Webshoppers report, in 2019m m-commerce sales surpassed desktop sales in Brazil. This reinforces the importance of working with responsive solutions on your online store, especially at the checkout page.

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