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South Summit 2022
South Summit 2022

South Summit | Brazil | May 2022

Published on 04/20/2022 - Updated on 08/01/2023

Our CEO and Co-founder, Alex Hoffmann, is a confirmed panelist at South Summit, held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on May 4th-6th.

The panel, named Shaping the Future of Payments, will occur on May 5th at 3:10 p.m. Join us!

Topics of discussion

  • How the Digital Payments Ecosystem of Brazil has been increasing throughout the years
  • How the industry has evolved: Then vs. Now
  • What to expect for the following years
  • What else is needed in terms of regulations to continue building a robust system
  • How payments are contributing to helping Brazilians to get access to different alternative payment methods


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