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Fintech Americas 2024 event card
Fintech Americas 2024 event card

Fintech Americas | Miami | May 2024

Published on 04/05/2024

From May 7th to 9th, our CEOs and co-founders, Alex Hoffmann and Ralf Germer, will be attending Fintech Americas 2024. The event – one of the most influential for the Latin American fintech ecosystem – takes place at Hotel Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, and has tickets currently on sale for multiple audiences, from banks and financial institutions to governmental entities.

Among its speakers, Fintech Americas 2024 is listing Carlos Brandt, the Head of Pix Management and Operation for the Central Bank of Brazil. Brandt is scheduled to present the keynote Pix: El Plan Brasileño para Pagos Instantáneos (Pix: The Brazilian Blueprint for Instant Payments) on the first day of the event, May 7th, at 2:40 PM EDT (UTC-4).

To leverage the spotlight on Pix, Hoffmann and Germer will attend Fintech Americas to promote PagBrasil’s international Pix and roaming Pix solutions and network with potential partners and clients. To secure a meeting in advance, please contact our team or reach out to our directors on LinkedIn. See you in Miami!


Who is attending Fintech Americas 2024?


Ralf Germer is PagBrasil’s CEO, CSO, and CMO. Bachelor of Engineering by Heilbronn University, Germany, Germer has extensive experience in business management, international business development, marketing, eCommerce, and payments. Prior to co-founding PagBrasil in 2010, he was VP of Product Marketing (Europe) for Actebis Holding GmbH and founded 4M Iberoamérica, representing successful tech companies in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking markets.

Languages: German (native), English, Spanish, Portuguese

Connect with Ralf Germer on LinkedIn


Alex Hoffmann is PagBrasil’s CEO, CTO, and COO. Bachelor of Computer Science by Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Hoffmann has a solid background in software development and payment processing, which backs PagBrasil’s tech framework. Prior to co-founding PagBrasil, he founded Silicon Action in 1996, which grew to become one of the world’s first eCommerce businesses and the largest online software store in Latin America.

Languages: Portuguese (native), English, Spanish

Connect with Alex Hoffmann on LinkedIn →


What is Pix from PagBrasil?

Since the launch of Pix in 2021, PagBrasil has been a pioneering company in processing Pix payments and enhancing its open-source technology.

Besides PagBrasil Pix for global eCommerce businesses, in 2023, we launched PagBrasil’s international Pix, a POS solution enabling in-store Pix payments for Brazilians abroad. Embedding real-time currency exchange in its application (BRL ↔ USD), the product is successfully processing Pix payments in Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile, and should soon reach merchants in Mexico, the US, Portugal, and Spain.

This year, PagBrasil’s roaming Pix will also facilitate Pix payments for international tourists in Brazil. To develop this solution, PagBrasil is partnering with digital wallets interested in embedding the Pix technology and extending Brazil’s real-time payments revolution to their users worldwide.


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