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Google Pay for Shopify: PagBrasil’s Exclusive Solution 

Published on 05/15/2024

Launched in 2015, Google Pay is Google’s digital wallet, and it became available in Brazil in 2017. 

According to the Global Payments Report released in 2023, digital wallets – notably Google Pay – already account for a significant 49% of online payments. The study provides valuable insights into global payment trends across more than 40 countries and 5 global regions. 

Digital Wallets and Their Global Impact 

According to the study, digital wallets are gaining significant traction among global payment methods. 

By 2026, it’s estimated that payments via digital wallets will represent nearly four times the payments made via credit cards worldwide! 

In the Brazilian scenario, although digital wallets have gained a significant presence in physical commerce, their adoption in e-commerce has not yet reached its full potential. However, there is substantial growth driven by the widespread use of smartphones and NFC technologies. In this context, PagBrasil is committed to expanding the acceptance of this method to boost sales in the virtual environment. 

PagBrasil Offers Google Pay for Shopify 

Recognizing this potential, PagBrasil expands its portfolio of products and solutions to offer Google Pay for Shopify. 

The feature is integrated directly into the checkout of PagBrasil’s partner online stores, and on mobile, it’s available for the Android system. Stores just need to use PagBrasil’s Shopify solution, but if they already do, merchants can request this addition from their account manager. 

How Does Google Pay for Shopify Work? 

Google Pay is one of the most widely used payment methods in the country, especially with the growth of digital wallets, as mentioned earlier. 

Shopify merchants can now offer this payment method to increase conversions through PagBrasil – the more options for consumers, the higher the chances of conversion. Using Google Pay in a Shopify store is straightforward for consumers, just follow these steps: 

  1. The customer enters the store, chooses the product they want to buy, and adds it to their “shopping cart.” 
  2. Following the steps of the cart, they initiate the purchase process through PagBrasil’s transparent checkout.
  3. In the payment area of the checkout, the customer will find the “Google Pay” option alongside other payment methods like Pix, credit card, and boleto. 
  4. Then, simply click on the “Google Pay” payment option, and the system will identify if the user already has the credit card registered in the wallet, and will automatically associate the data to complete the purchase. 
  5. If the user doesn’t have a Google account yet, they will need to first register the card details, and later, Google Pay will automatically link the card to the respective digital wallet. 
  6. Ready, now just click “Pay” and the user is directed to the store’s “Thank You Page.” 

Benefits of PagBrasil’s Google Pay Solution for Shopify 

Using this payment method through PagBrasil’s transparent checkout for Shopify offers numerous advantages for both merchants and customers. Here are some: 

  • Simplified and smooth customer checkout journey since Google Pay is linked to the user’s Google account. 
  • Payment completion in just a few clicks. 
  • Increased conversion rate as the Google Pay system reduces the chance of errors in payment information input. 
  • Enhanced website reputation through the recognition of Google payment solution in checkout. 
  • Option for installment payments up to 12x, with the possibility of including interest with reimbursement to the merchant – exclusive to PagBrasil. 
  • Opportunity for customers to enjoy benefits such as travel miles, cashback for other purchases, and more! 

Google Pay for Shopify is an innovation that promises to expand growth opportunities for platform merchants. Additionally, it provides another payment option for consumers of PagBrasil’s partner brands. 

For more information about this and other solutions, please contact our specialists. 

Cristiane Moro é jornalista. Na PagBrasil, escreve sobre tecnologia, métodos de pagamento, e-commerce e novidades da empresa.