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Case Study: How NutriVita Got to More than 90% of Conversion Rates with PagBrasil

Published on 08/31/2022 - Updated on 04/19/2023

In less than a year of processing payments with PagBrasil, NutriVita has achieved more than 90% conversion rates selling to the Brazilian consumer. 

The online supplement shop understood the specific needs of its customers in Brazil and adopted a robust and diverse checkout that only PagBrasil can offer. 


The largest Brazilian-American community in the US is in Florida, with an estimated 80,000 residents, making Brazil Florida’s largest export market. The market is massive, and, according to ABIAD, the Brazilian food industry association, nearly 60% of households in Brazil have at least one member regularly consuming supplements and/or vitamins.

For those who frequently take dietary supplements, 85% aim to improve their health, while 69% combine supplements with physical activity. The consumption of vitamins and supplements increases with age, and it’s more common among women.

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The health, nutrition, and wellness industry makes US$35 billion yearly in Brazil, the fourth largest market in the world.

The Brazilian consumer, however, is demanding and won’t think twice about choosing an imported high-quality product – even if they have to pay more. NutriVita Suplementos is a company run by Brazilians who saw the opportunity in the ever-increasing supplements market. 

The Brazilian customer

Brazil, similar to most countries in Latin America, has its particularities when it comes to consumption and online shopping. The Brazilian consumer, in general, values imported goods but doesn’t want to pay the price when buying directly from an international website.

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That’s because many taxes and fees for the final customer are embedded in the purchase, such as a tax on an international financial transaction (IOF), card maintenance charges, and the fluctuation in the exchange rate. In other words, paying in foreign currency isn’t the best bang for the buck for Brazilians, so most avoid such purchases. 

On top of that, there’s the language barrier. It’s estimated that only 5% of Brazilians speak English, so untranslated websites are likely to lose sales. Another important point when selling to Brazil is the payment method. 

Brazilians are twice as likely to shop for a specific product with a merchant who offers their payment method. In other words, Brazilians won’t hesitate to reach out to the competition if they provide their preferred payment method.


NutriVita is a reference on the market

NutriVita is a vitamin and supplement store based in South Florida and started its operations in 2009. The company sells supplements and vitamins for countries in Latin America, such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru. The product catalog varies from sport nutrition products to supplements and vitamins. 

The Brazilian community in Florida supports NutriVita because the company provides a wide range of high-quality products to health and fitness lovers. 

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However, support is borderless – you can see it from the 5,200+ customer reviews on the company’s website displaying an overall 4.5/5 rating on customer satisfaction. In addition, NutriVita works with well-established brands within the American fitness and nutrition niches, such as Centrum, Now, and Universal. 

The key to success is in the details, and NutriVita worked hard to ensure that the Brazilian customer had all their needs met. The website is in Portuguese, buyers in Brazil won’t need to pay IOF as prices are in BRL, and they accept all Brazilians’ preferred payment methods: credit card, boleto bancário, wire transfer and Pix. 


NutriVita turns the tables with customers 

The vitamin and supplement store has been selling in Brazil since the beginning, but the company faced some hurdles with the first payment service provider. 

Before PagBrasil, many customers had complained about the previous payment provider because they had issues completing the purchase,” said Carolina Fonseca, founder and CEO of NutriVita.

Carolina reported that complaints significantly dropped after just one week of implementing PagBrasil’s payment methods at their checkout. But the benefits don’t stop there. While seeing customer satisfaction increasing, NutriVita reaps the benefits in revenue as well. 


Conversion rates up to 97% with PagBrasil’s payment methods

NutriVita now collects very impressive conversion rates – an average of the last three months are:

  • Credit card: 97%
  • Pix: 92% 
  • Debit card: 75%
  • Boleto Flash: 70%

Carolina has shared how PagBrasil’s payment solutions and these impressive numbers have impacted their business:

“Now, we can focus on marketing and social media, which means we don’t need to worry about customers complaining that the payment checkout doesn’t work.” 

She also talks about how the payment link has been another support for sales:

“We accept payments via WhatsApp using PagBrasil’s payment link, which eases the process for those who don’t want to go to our ecommerce to complete the purchase. With the payment link, customers just need to click on the payment link and be redirected to a URL with NutriVita’s logo. And since it’s a direct checkout, customers feel safer purchasing online.” 


How a specialist in Brazil can help your company boost sales

It’s not enough to make products available in Brazil and wait for customers to find your brand. Businesses wanting to scale and boost sales should look for ways to attend to the particularities of the Brazilian market. 

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The best way to do it is to partner up with a specialist in Brazil. PagBrasil has been on the market for over 25 years, providing not only alternative payment methods such as the exclusive subscription management, PagStream®; the revolutionary and latest payment success in Brazil, Pix; the digital version of the traditional boleto, Boleto Flash®; and more. 

If you wish to learn more about our solutions, get in touch with our team today!