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Cover of Shopify Enterprise Partner Summit 2023
Cover of Shopify Enterprise Partner Summit 2023

Inside the Shopify Enterprise Partner Summit 2023

Published on 10/30/2023

New partnerships, unified commerce, and new checkout features were some of the topics presented during the 2023 edition.


The Shopify Enterprise Partner Summit is a global event exclusively focused on Shopify partners, especially those catering to the Enterprise market.


The 2023 edition took place in Los Angeles on October 3rd and 4th. As an official partner of Shopify, PagBrasil was present at the event to keep up with the latest news and trends.


Highlights and trends presented at the Shopify Enterprise Partner Summit 2023


We brought the main highlights of the event in a webinar featuring Ralf Germer, CEO and co-founder of PagBrasil, Marcelo Fischer, Leading Business Development at Shopify, and Fernanda Mariano, Head of Digital Commerce Sales at TOTVS. Check it out!


New partnerships


For Marcelo, the event was a celebration of the partnerships established with Shopify: “Shopify has always considered its partners to be the main driving force behind growth, especially when it comes to expanding globally,” he explained.


It’s no coincidence that one of the significant highlights of this edition was the consolidation of Shopify’s partnership with RD Station, a company within the TOTVS group. “The goal is to offer a complete portfolio of digital and integrated solutions that genuinely drive results,” Fernanda explained.


PagBrasil, as a long-time partner of Shopify and now an official partner of TOTVS, also fits into this new context. “Brazil is a geographically vast and diverse country with many regions. The country has a huge potential for e-commerce, and the goal of combining an e-commerce platform, checkout solutions, and the reach of TOTVS is interesting for developing the digital world in Brazil.” Ralf pointed out.


Shopify as a unified commerce platform


Shopify, along with its global partners, emphasized its acceleration toward becoming a unified commerce platform. The goal is to eliminate complexity and promote simplicity so that retailers can focus on their business rather than allocating resources to technological development. “Logistics, online stores, and payments should work seamlessly without any interference from the company,” Ralf commented.


For Marcelo, technical challenges should be on the platform’s radar, not the retailer’s. “For instance, when a seller of footwear wants to introduce a new color theme to their collection, it should not be a time-consuming task to add a color selector button to their products. With Shopify, this process takes a maximum of five minutes. However, with traditional platforms, it could take up to 80 hours. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple solution like this to solve a complex problem,” he explained.


In Brazil, where challenges are very particular, it was also highlighted how important it is to work with partners to meet specific country needs.


Shop Pay and One-page checkout


One of the announcements at the event was the introduction of Shop Pay, a payment method that can be added to the cart at checkout and streamlines the purchasing process. This feature works similarly to digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, but there is no forecast for its arrival in Brazil yet.


Shopify’s one-page checkout feature is expected to be launched in Brazil early next year. However, Ralf emphasized that for retailers to make successful sales, they should not only focus on the checkout process but also consider other features that play a significant role in conversion. For instance, it is crucial to have automatic address autofill based on the postal code and CPF/CNPJ validation.”Many companies make the mistake of choosing an e-commerce platform and a payment solution without truly analyzing what they need, and what the best solution is for their market. Some companies only look at the price, and that’s a mistake,” he commented.


Watch the webinar and stay updated


Want to know more about what happened at the Shopify Enterprise Partner Summit? Watch our complete webinar and stay informed!

Watch the recording for free here (in Portuguese).

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