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Flexible split payout setup
for marketplaces

Our split payout solution

With the popularization of marketplaces, where consumers buy goods and services made available by multiple providers, split payout solutions became essential. With our split payout setup for marketplaces, you rely on a fully automated solution that manages the entire payment flow, from payment processing and collection to the payout to the sellers, as well as the commission payments to your marketplace. Our split payout solution is secure, complies with PCI DSS Level 1 and the Brazilian Central Bank rules for marketplace payouts.

Thanks to API integration, it gives you full control and room to flexibly define the entire payout process. The solution can be completely integrated with your marketplace backend or platform, and you can simply send via API the amount to be transferred to each payee. In addition, the system provides you with a full reconciliation report so that you can have total control of the money collected and paid. This is key to facilitating your accounting processes. It is also worth noting that our secure marketplace solution comes with a payee validation process that complies with current anti-money laundering legislation and regulations.

This is the standard workflow of our solution:

Customer orders at marketplace (i.e. Food app)

PagBrasil processes the payment

Marketplace requests service/delivers order to the provider

Marketplace receives its share

Marketplace requests PagBrasil to pay the previously validad provider

Provider receives the payment

The benefits for your

Your choice of payment gateway is crucial to offering a better payment experience and driving more conversion. Check out the main benefits of using our gateway.

Multi-setting split payout

As we operate both locally and cross-border, there are two different split payout scenarios that can take place:

  1. Both the marketplace and the provider are located in Brazil
  2. International marketplace with a local provider
Full payouts

You have full control over your business rules for payouts. Payout instructions are sent to us via API and the split is done automatically.


Our redundant server platform, hosted at different geographic locations, is extremely reliable, with an uptime of 99.98%.


We are PCI DSS Level 1 certified by Matrix. Thanks to the highest security standard available in the payment industry, you enjoy the maximum security.

Full compliance
with (CIP)

The Câmara Interbancária de Pagamentos is responsible for centralizing all transaction settlements, and businesses that work with split payouts must implement changes to their business processes, as well as technical setup, to comply with the legislation that requires the central liquidation via the CIP. With our split payout solution, you enjoy full compatibility with the new regulation by Central Bank of Brazil.

Automated and
flexible payouts

As you have full control over the amounts and the beneficiaries for the payout transfers, you enjoy much more flexibility in defining your own business rules. In addition, it can be an entirely automated process that runs in the backend.