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Biossance in Brazil: How the ecommerce business adapted itself to cater for the Brazilian consumer

Published on 07/23/2020 - Updated on 05/08/2023

Understanding your customer and developing strategies that engage him or her with your brand is essential to position yourself relevantly in the market. And it was after a series of tests and analyses that Biossance, an American beauty and skincare brand, was able to better understand their customers in Brazil and adjust their operations in the country to best cater to them.

We spoke to Paula Fernandes Martins, Ecommerce Manager in Brazil, to get to know a little bit more about the brand’s tropicalization process and its trajectory in Brazil.


Biossance’s Brazilian roots

Born in the United States and now present in 12 countries, the brand has a little bit of Brazil in its background. One of the main bases used in Biossance’s sustainable products is squalene, which originated from the Brazilian sugarcane.


“Brazil was the second country in the brand’s expansion – a lot due to the Brazilian roots in our products,” explains Paula.


This hydrating component is produced by the human body, and, over time, requires replenishment. Historically, this substance was procured in two ways: through extraction from the liver of sharks, or from olives.

Biossance recreated a 100% plant-based component from sugarcane. The result is a completely stable squalene – in opposition to the component extracted from olives, which depends on climate and production conditions – and sustainable, since it does not put animal life at risk, saving over 2 million sharks annually all over the globe.


Biossance’s expansion into the tropics

The clean beauty pioneer in Brazil, Biossance arrived in the country in 2018 with the same formats, adopted from the North American operation. However, it slowly realized it needed to make small adjustments to cater to the Brazilian customer.


“We’ve always been concerned about tropicalizing the strategy for Brazil. Our climate is different, our skin is different, and our consuming habits are different. So, we received all the guidance from Global, but we were able to go forward with strategies based on local needs,” says Paula.


In this process, many differences were noted. “The American public does, however, behave differently when it comes to consumer habits. They use the sample program very well for product experimentation and come back to purchase the larger size, for example. Our consumer does not have this custom. We also see a difference in best-selling products: some that are sold in the US are not sold in Brazil, due to climate difference,” observes Paula.


Checkout is everything: What impacts Biossance’s conversions in Brazil

In addition to preferences for specific products, Brazilians also have different purchasing behaviors. This is why checkout optimizations are fundamental.

Using Shopify Plus and PagBrasil’s Shopify app, Biossance was able to make the necessary adaptations to make the Brazilian consumer experience even better.


Price and installment payments

Brazilians like to see prices and installments. After a series of tests, Biossance identified that, while in the United States the price is displayed only on the product page, in Brazil, this information must also be included on the collection page. “We found out how relevant this was during navigation for the Brazilian consumer experience,” explains Paula.


Fluid and mobile checkout

With more than 70% of the audience coming from mobile, Biossance understood that optimizing the checkout experience for mobile devices is essential for consumers in Brazil. For that matter, Biossance uses PagBrasil’s Shopify app to achieve the desired results.


“PagBrasil enabled this fast, fluid checkout, with fields that are easy to fill in, and clear steps. We have been partners since the beginning of 2019, and, over time, we have developed a series of improvements together,” says Paula.


Without instability, and with simplified navigation, Biossance saw in the PagBrasil checkout what it took to elevate the Brazilian consumer experience to another level.


“Payment methods are a key factor for any e-commerce. With PagBrasil, Biossance found the solution that provided a direct, secure, and easy checkout for consumers to complete their purchases on the website,” she concludes.


Last month, Paula Martins participated in our webinar “Potentialize your sales with a better management and sales experience,” alongside our CEO and co-founder, Ralf Germer; Bruno Berezaga, Partner Manager of Shopify in Brazil; and Érico Scorpioni, Director Checkstore executive. Watch on YouTube (in Portuguese)!


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