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Gaming Market in Brazil and Local
Payment Methods

Understand the particularities of the gaming market in Brazil and the essential role of
alternative payment methods in this booming segment.

Brazil: the largest gaming
market in LATAM

By 2022, gaming revenue in Brazil is expected to reach 1.84 billion US dollars, according to PwC and Statista.

From casual smartphone gamers to professional eSports competitors, Brazil is home to a large number of players, making the Latin-American country one of the leading gaming markets in the region.

Gaming stats in Brazil

  • 73% of Brazilians play electronic games.
  • 55% of gamers in Brazil pay for entertainment.
  • 57.8% of players are aged 20 to 34.

Challenges of the Brazilian
Gaming Market

  • Many consumers do not own a credit card, and frequently ask for friends and family to lend them a card to complete an in-game purchase.
  • Boleto bancário is one of the alternatives for gamers who cannot pay with credit cards.
  • The traditional boleto bancário, however, has its limitations: it is not responsive to mobile screens and the payment confirmation can take up to three business days.

PagBrasil helps gaming companies take
payment experience to the next level

PagBrasil’s payment solutions help digital businesses increase conversion rates by:

  • Helping companies reach a larger consumer base with alternative payment methods;
  • Providing a swift payment experience;
  • Offering a mobile-responsive solution that perfectly fits different screen sizes;
  • Personalizing Boleto Flash® with the company logo, so consumers can quickly identify the shop, increasing trust.

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Payment solutions designed for the
Brazilian market

PagBrasil Pix

Pix is a payment method developed by the Central Bank of Brazil that enables transactions to occur in less than 10 seconds, 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

With PagBrasil Pix, gamers can pay without using a credit card and have immediate access to their in-game purchases. To top it off, the solution is designed to offer the best online payment experience!

  • Mobile-friendly payment method
  • Instant payment confirmation
  • Digital payment for both bank and eWallet users

Understand how Brazilians pay with Pix in an online store!

PagBrasil Pix
Boleto Flash®

Boleto Flash® provides gamers a swift payment experience with one of Brazilians’ favorite payment methods.

This mobile-responsive solution allows users to easily complete a purchase with their smartphones by paying Boleto Flash® with Pix or copying and pasting the barcode into their banking apps.

  • Payment confirmation in less than 1 hour
  • Completely mobile-responsive
  • Easy to pay: simply copy and paste the barcode into the banking or digital wallet app
  • Instant payment confirmation when paying with Pix

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Boleto Flash®
PEC Flash®

Young teens represent a large percentage of Brazilians gamers. PEC Flash® is the perfect alternative payment method for this group, who usually receive a cash allowance and want to use an amount for their games.

  • Cash payment method for digital businesses
  • Accepted in any one of the 13,000 lottery agencies in Brazil
  • Payment confirmation in up to 15 minutes
  • No paper needed

Discover how to pay with PEC Flash®

PEC Flash®
Débito Flash™

For some gamers, paying with a debit card is a convenient, secure, and quick way to access their in-game purchases.

With Débito Flash™, your online store can offer hassle-free payments for the holders of over 160 million active debit cards in the country. Gamers can pay in an easy and intuitive way, with no redirects or complexities.

  • Competitive fees
  • Fluid payment experience
  • Works perfectly on any screen, including smartphones
  • Secure authentication process provided by 3DS2

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Débito Flash™