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Brazil ranks among the top 10 global gaming markets, facing merchants with specific strengths and challenges. Read more and learn why Alternative Payment Methods play a key role in helping your business thrive in the country.

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Our clients may activate additional features to power payment processing in Brazil with the highest-quality sales technology.


Our anti-fraud solution was developed to meet the specific needs of the Brazilian market. Based on exclusive machine learning technology, PagShield® provides real-time fraud prevention and allows for pre-authorization of suspicious transactions as PagShield Premium.

Gaming Market in Brazil: The largest in Latin America

From casual online gamers to top eSports competitors, Brazil is home to the largest number of players in LatAm and leads revenue generation in the region. According to NewZoo, 80% of players in the country are game enthusiasts, integrating playing, viewing, owning, and keeping up with games into their daily routine and lifestyle.

102.6M players

Global ranking: #5
43% aged 21 to 35 years old
48% play on smartphones (60% among women)
4-5 average hours played each week

Challenges for Gaming Companies in Brazil

A large unbanked audience…
Many players do not own a credit card and rely on friends and relatives for game-related purchases. The Central Bank of Brazil estimates that 16% of adult consumers in Brazil are unbanked.

… and a high risk for banking fraud…
According to ClearSale’s Fraud Map, Brazilian e-commerce businesses registered more than 5.6 million fraud attempts in 2022, amounting to 1.18 billion USD. Phones, electronics, and IT goods purchases accounted for 20% of frauds attempts.

… prompt the usage of Local Payment Methods…
Pix and boletos bancários figure among the top payment methods in Brazil. In 2023 only, boleto payments have transacted about 576 billion USD* – and Pix payments account for whopping 1,5 trillion USD**.

* 2.82 trillion BRL (Brazilian Reais), equal to 575.98 billion USD at the exchange rate of August 9, 2023. Source: Central Bank of Brazil.
** 7.34 trillion BRL, equal to 1.499 billion USD at the same exchange rate.

… despite delays and limitations.
Usually, boleto payment confirmation takes up to three business days. Boletos generated by online purchases are also not mobile-friendly.

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