PagStream® Subscription management made easy

Boost customer retention rates with PagStream®, our ready-to-go subscription management solution. Offer your subscribers flexible, customizable plans with automation and self-service features, plus easy integration to your online business.

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Maximize revenue with PagStream®

Maximize revenue with PagStream®

PagStream® supports all monetizing strategies and can be customized to suit different types of subscriptions. Whether it is a streaming platform, a subscription club or another sort of business, your team can benefit from our comprehensive set of payment solutions. PagStream® is also PCI Level 1 compliant, abiding by the highest security measures to protect your business and your subscribers.

Gain efficiency with a full set of features

With PagStream®, you can manage subscription charges, automate payments and send personalized messages to your customers. See more benefits below:

PagStream® 1-Click Subscription: Sell subscription products with just one click. Learn more →

Create as many subscription plans as needed

Define a custom frequency to charge your customers

Combine one-time purchases and subscriptions in the same order

Enable adding one or multiple items to a subscription

Customize and automate payment, reminder, and cancellation notifications

Subscriptions may be canceled by merchants or by customers themselves

Create and manage subscriptions directly from our dashboard or via API

PagStream® Subscriber Portal® Subscription self-service for the end-customer

Integrations Available

PagStream® Promotion Engine Create personalized promotions for your customers from our dashboard, in a simplified, self-service way.

An advanced solution to create promotional campaigns for subscriptions

The PagStream® Promotion Engine provides a unique experience for merchants in subscription management, allowing for easy promotion automation and personalization from PagBrasil’s dashboard. With simple combinations, you can create rules to set up promotional actions, such as adding products to the subscription, offering discounts on products and shipping and much more! Leverage seasonal sales, personalize the customer’s experience and explore all the possibilities of this exclusive tool.

See how you can set up promotions according to your strategy with the PagStream® Promotion Engine.

PagStream® Premium

An exclusive plan to brand the Subscriber Portal experience. Upgraded features to deliver brand personalization. PagStream® Premium is a special plan designed to give the PagStream® Subscriber Portal a brand lift. Benefits include: 1 – Styling the Subscriber Portal with your brand logo and colors 2 – Setting up personalized messages to guide or prevent subscription cancellation 3 – Creation of a personalized subdomain (e.g., PagStream® Premium increases brand awareness and the subscriber trust on the platform, reducing friction and enhancing the Subscriber Portal experience.

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