December 13, 2018

Highlights Conferência E-commerce Brasil RS 2018

The 7th edition of Conferência E-commerce Brasil RS took place this week, at BarraShoppingSul in Porto Alegre, Brazil. We could not have picked a better place than our hometown for our last event of the year and to end another year of successful collaboration with the project E-commerce Brasil and their events.

The two-day event attracted 1200 attendees. It involved representatives from major local players, as well as from important companies of the Brazilian retail industry, including Lojas Renner, Amazon, Bibi Calçados, Netshoes, JBL, Magazine Luiza, WebContinental, Saraiva, among many others.


In addition to conferences discussing the prospects for the Brazilian e-commerce industry, possibilities for niche and startup e-commerce businesses, all things logistics, business management, IoT, digital marketing, customer support, among other topics, the event also had a business hall where all major e-commerce providers in Brazil had a presence.


After the activities of the first day were finalized, our co-founders, Ralf Germer and Alex Hoffmann, hosted a dinner at NB Steak House to celebrate a successful 2018. Our team was joined by leaders from Dell Computadores do Brasil, Viação Ouro e Prata, Lojas Pompéia, Cissa Magazine, Fábrica das Apostilas, Excelsior Pneus, HAVAN, Konduto, and Foco Radical.



Photos of Conferência E-commerce Brasil RS 2018


We thank everyone who visited us at the event and those who joined us for dinner. 2018 was an amazing year of collaborating with E-commerce Brasil, and we are excited about what is on the horizon for next year. Stay tuned!

/ Written by Bianca Lopez - Follow @biancatlopez

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