2018 at PagBrasil: A Retrospective

We have had a busy year at PagBrasil and continue working hard to make 2019 even more remarkable. We are grateful to all our clients and partners who have contributed to make our 2018 a success. With the end of the year around the corner, it is time to look back at what we were up to throughout 2018.


Q1 at PagBrasil

•    Our co-founders, Ralf Germer and Alex Hoffman, went to Singapore to attend Money 20/20 Asia, where they also had the opportunity to meet with clients and partners.

•    We exhibited at Shoptalk in Las Vegas, where we had the chance to discuss the Brazilian market and showcase our Boleto Flash®.

•    Our Boleto Flash® is found to increase businesses gross revenue in up to 20% of boleto transactions.


Q2 at PagBrasil

•    In April, we introduced our convenient Payment Link solution. The payment solution, which supports all means of payments we offer, is aimed at merchants who need a quick, easy and secure way to receive payments from their consumers.

•    We announced the opening of our new branch in Singapore, aiming at better serving Asian merchants, e-commerce platforms and PSPs working with the Brazilian market.

•    We attended VTEX DAY, the biggest multichannel retail event in Latin America, in São Paulo.

•    We exhibited at the 6th edition of the Feira Brasileira do Varejo, in Porto Alegre. In our hometown, our co-CEO, Ralf Germer, had the chance to do a presentation, where he talked about the increasing relevance of mobile devices for the e-commerce segment and how payment methods must be adapted for a seamless payment experience with such devices.

•    In Europe, our team attended Money 20/20 Europe, in Amsterdam.


Q3 at PagBrasil

•    Our Prestashop module was introduced. The add-on is fully responsive, providing a seamless payment experience on any screen resolution. It is also compatible with all Brazilian payment methods available on our payments platform.

•    We extended the options for our Boleto Flash®, making it compatible with same-day payment confirmation at Bradesco.

•    We exhibited at Digitalize-ME, in Porto Alegre. The event was a series of talks, organized by ABComm, focused on helping merchants succeed in the digital world.

•    We exhibited at the 9th edition of Fórum E-commerce Brasil, the biggest e-commerce event in Latin America and the third worldwide, in São Paulo. In addition to giving a talk about alternative payment methods in times of m-commerce, we also sponsored the lunch at the event.


Q4 at PagBrasil

•    We attended Shopify Pursuit London, the event designed to support Shopify partners and developers, in London, UK.

•    We co-hosted, alongside Pinheiro Neto Advogados and BayBrazil, the event Digital Payments in Brazil, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are some highlights of the event.

•    Our team was at the 7th edition of Conferência E-Commerce Brasil RIO, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

•    We introduced our upgraded Shopify plugin with groundbreaking direct checkout

•    We attended Web Summit, the major tech conference that takes place in Lisbon each year. Check the highlights.

•    Our co-founders, Ralf Germer and Alex Hoffmann, attended Money 20/20 China, in Hangzhou, the Chinese equivalent of Silicon Valley.

•    We had a fantastic Black Friday, with an increase of 84.5% in revenue processed through our payments platform. In addition, our Boleto Flash® recorded 165.7% growth.

•    We extended our Boleto Flash® coverage by adding Santander to the list of partner banks for payment confirmation in under two hours.

•    We partnered with Ecommerce Foundation, SAP, Mazars, Teleperformance and Safe.Shop, in launching the Brazil Ecommerce Report 2018.

•    In our hometown, Porto Alegre, our team exhibited at Conferência E-Commerce Brasil RS. In addition, we also hosted a dinner for key e-commerce players in the region. Check the highlights.


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