Brazil is By Far the Largest Online Sales Market in Latin America

Brazil, One of the Biggest E-Commerce Opportunities in the World

#1 Market in Latin America


Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and the 5th biggest country in area and population in the world. It is the 4th largest internet market globally, with 140 million internet users out of a total population of more than 207 million. According to Euromonitor Internacional, Brazil represents about 42% of all B2C e-commerce in Latin America. With 130 million active Facebook users, Brazil is ranked number three on a worldwide scale.


E-commerce Market Share - Brazil LatAm


Brazilian E-commerce Market Growth


Despite the adverse economic scenario of the years, Brazil’s e-commerce market continues to show a positive growth trend, and ended 2017 with a growth of 8%, with 55 million e-consumers spending BRL 47.7 billion (US$ 14.5 billion) on the web.


Brazil e-commerce market growth


With a predicted online retail growth of 12% in 2018 and a total of BRL 60 billion in sales, Brazil continues to be one of the outstanding opportunities for online retailers in Latin America and the world.


Main Product Categories by Revenue

Brazil registered a total of 111.2 million e-commerce transactions in 2017, with an average transaction amount of BRL 429. Despite leading in number of transactions, the category of fashion and accessories is only in 6th position in terms of revenue, with 6.1% share. The following are the main product categories by revenue, with telephony/mobile taking the first position from household appliances for the first time:

  • Telephony / Mobile – 21.2%
  • Household appliances – 19.3%
  • Electronics – 10%
  • IT – 8.9%
  • Home and decoration – 8.4%



As the 5th smartphone market worldwide, it is not a surprise to see m-commerce growing in share in the country. Mobile devices were used for 27.3% of e-commerce purchases according to Ebit and up to 31% according to Atlas and ABComm, a significant growth in comparison to 2016, when its share was 22%. Desktop is still king when it comes to completing an online purchase. However, the rapid m-commerce growth highlights the importance of making mobile devices a part of the business strategy for Brazil.

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